This is The Most Expensive Flight In The World

It’s a long haul between New York and Mumbai, but Etihad, the United Arab Emirates national carrier, has figured out a way to make it a comfortable journey—for those willing to pay $38,000 (Rs 25 million) for a one-way ticket, anyway. Related: The Coolest Luxury Hotels on the Planet
 It’s the new most expensive flight in the world. A round-trip ticket would cost a staggering $76,000 (£52,000) at single or double occupancy. Plus: it’s not even a direct flight. It has a stopover in Abu Dhabi….

INGLEWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 19: Prince performs live at the Fabulous Forum on February 19, 1985 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

I Was Prince’s Private Chef

I was barely out of cooking school when I heard that Prince was looking for a private chef. It was 2008 and I had moved to LA right after graduation with dreams of breaking into food TV. Then Andy, a friend of a friend who occasionally cooked for Prince, told me the singer sought someone 24-7. Until cooking school, I’d lived on take-out. Now I had about three weeks of real-world experience under my belt….


6 (Not Tacky) Valentine’s Day Sweets

Skip the faux-velvet-covered box of chocolates and opt for one of these 6 super-stylish and deliciously crafted sweets. It’s almost that time of year again, where everything is decorated pink and red, the level of PDA shoots through the roof, and very good restaurant menus are suspended for the dreaded V-Day prix fixe. If you really want to impress your Valentine, skip the Walgreens Teddy Bear and that faux-velvet-covered box of chocolates and opt for…


If Lionel Richie Cooks For You, “You’re Gonna Die a Thousand Deaths”

We’re endlessly fascinated by the breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices of celebrities. Welcome to My Morning Routine, where we talk with musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, and all-around interesting people about how the foods they start and end their day with—and everything in between. Lionel Richie just released Lionel Richie Home, a line of gold-accented dinnerware, ornate glassware, and glittering home decor. The pieces are inspired by his travels, and are as timeless—and sometimes funky—as his…


Super Bowl Exposé: How Do They Make Those Giant Party Subs?

  I remember my first party sub. In the second grade, we were celebrating whatever you celebrate in second grade—maybe we had party funds from the annual nerd Brainwave competition or maybe it was the class guinea pig’s birthday. I only recall the shock and awe of staring at foot after foot of sandwich. The box itself could have held an anaconda. The meat was spilling out almost cartoonishly. The shredded lettuce surrounded it like…